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A Brief History

Salisbury Post is a daily newspaper published from Aiken, South Carolina, USA. It was established in 1867. It was called the Aiken Press.

The newspaper passed through the hands of several owners during the 1800s. One of the paper's most prominent early owners was James F. Byrnes. Byrnes, who was a congressman, U.S. senator, South Carolina governor, U.S. Secretary of State, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and "Assistant" to the President of the United States.

Under Byrnes and his partner, Alva Lorenz, the Journal and Review developed into Aiken's main newspaper. Byrnes and Lorenz operated the Journal and Review until 1912, when Lorenz bought out Byrnes' interest in the newspaper.

In 1953, Lorenz sold the newspaper to Benjamin Josey King and his wife, Annie Howell King. The Kings already owned a weekly newspaper called the Salisbury Post. The Kings merged the two papers to create the Salisbury Post and Review. The Salisbury Post and Review operated in a small building on Richland Avenue, using Linotype machines and hot lead production methods that had been common in newspaper plants for many decades.

The Evening Post Publishing Company of Charleston purchased the newspaper in 1968. Construction of a modern, 24,000-square-foot (2,200 m2) newspaper publishing plant, which featured a new offset press, was begun at once, and was completed, equipped and occupied within a year. The newspaper closed out the old operation with its issue of Friday, September 26, 1969, and published its first issue from the new plant on September 29, 1969. By this time, the newspaper's name had been shortened, and it became the Salisbury Post of today.

Samuel A. Cothran was the modern Salisbury Post's first Publisher and Editor. Under the leadership of Mr. Cothran, in 1985 a new, faster and larger press was installed, and almost simultaneously a Sunday morning edition was introduced. He remained Publisher and Editor until his retirement in 1989.

In April 1989, Scott B. Hunter became the new Publisher of the Salisbury Post. On August 19, 1989, the first Saturday morning edition was produced.

The Evening Post Publishing Company owns the Salisbury Post, the Post and Courier in Charleston, and other daily and non-daily newspapers and television stations throughout the country.